Yippee! Welcome to the Story Concierge page.

In 2010 I started working one on one with writers like you and after many years, many courses, and working with more writers than I can count I have created a course that will be specific to your needs. 

There are so many writing courses out there and while they are all amazing, I can guarantee that this one is unique. 

This is concierge service for writers built right into a course. 

Here is a quick overview 

STORY CONCIERGE Signature Career Course is for female writers in arts, entertainment, & media.

I have developed this course to arm writers with all the tools they need to succeed and make it as a writer in all aspects of their writing. Which means, in Story Concierge I cover the following: 

Week one: Genre Clarity so you know exactly what you are writing, your big why and where you fit in. 
Week two: Craft: which is one week to cover the basics of craft-plot, voice, character, dialogue, and get specific to what you need
Week three: Websites & the business side of being a writer 
Week four: Social Media and networking 
Week five: Query and Pitching. 
Week six: Mindset, focus and wrapping it all up. 

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This is for you 

If you have ever been up in the middle of the night in your jammies, eating pudding & drinking whiskey while pulling your hair out in an attempt to understand why you are getting rejected, then---this is the place for YOU!


After Completing Story Concierge

you will have


a clear plan of action and an understanding of what courses & craft work you need to elevate your writing career which will give you confidence. 


the tools you need to build your business as a writer and brand yourself in a way that gets you out there and seen so you can make money.


the knowledge and skills that you need to be engaging on social media, to handle rejections with grace & learn from them, tools to manage your time so you can reach your dreams.

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If you are writer struggling with 

genre clarity and are having a hard time choosing the medlum, or style to tell your story.

If you are frustrated with other courses

and need something tailored to your personal needs that you can work on at your own pace. 

If you are longing to make money

doing what you love but aren't sure how to market or be seen in an overcrowded industry.

Story Concierge is for you.

I spent almost a decade taking a gazillion courses, workshops, and spending tons of money before understanding what I needed to do specific to what I was writing.

There are many amazing craft courses out there, but they may not be the one that you need. 

This is where Story Concierge comes in. This is a course for writers like no other out there. 

Discover the secrets to creating characters & stories that sell. 

If you are sick of believing that you will always be struggling.

I'm here to tell you that is all BS! You can have a life as a creative that is full of everything you desire including a steady income so you can quit your boring day job and do what you love! 

What are you waiting for?

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