How to Stay Positive & Porductive--Still WRITE--During Dystopian-Er, I Mean, Tough Times

OMG, what a couple of months right? F*%$!! 

What is going on in the world? Is it ending? 

Do we all need to channel our inner Katniss? 

I seriously have never wanted to live in a Cormac McCarthy novel and I don't intend on starting now! do we stay positive and continue to write when the world is crashing down on us? 

Well, I have a few tips for you! 

The first one is just to FOCUS ON THE GOOD---whatever it is, focus on it, grab it, and hold on. Seriously it's so easy to get wrapped up in the chaos and devastation happening and walk down that doomsday path but rather it's best to stay focused on the good or have gratitude. 

The second one is to remember why we write. You may do it just for your own pleasure and if that's the case, see above. But most of us write because we have something to say to the world. If you write for children it is your job to help them come into their own with a sense of security, hope, and understanding. This is why we do it. TV and film have such a HUGE impact on the world--even fiction. 

My life changed drastically because of THREE films---you want to know which ones? 

FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF--taught me not to take things so seriously and enjoy life a lot more than I had been. I went from being a Jeannie to being a Ferris that summer and I've been MUCH happier ever since. 

BACK TO THE FUTURE---taught me that if I put my mind to it I could accomplish anything. I will never forget the words "what if they don't like me? What if they tell me that I'm no good, I don't think that I could take that kind of rejection."  WOW, that was exactly how I was feeling all the time and then, it changed. 

TITANIC----taught me never to test God?? Hahaha no---but it felt like the right time for a joke- TITANIC taught me to make it count. The scene at the dinner table and Jack is talking about his good fortune--that is how I survived some of the darkest and hardest times in my adult life. I often say that "I'm living life like Jack Dawson." 

Think about the impact you can have on someone's life just with your STORIES! So, KEEP WRITING even when it's hard. 

And, the third and final tip is to keep writing (and being creative) is that it's a great distraction from everything that is going one. If you put your head down and focus in your story the world won't seem so scary and you will have a lot more done in your novel. 

In dark times many of the world's most famous artists, writers, songwriters, entrepreneurs have done many great things when things seemed hopeless and I can tell you that THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! The world needs us. 

I have seen some social media posts of people saying that they feel like they are being selfish--no, you're not, it's actually quite the opposite because you are changing the world with your talent. 

Please go and work on those projects and turn off the NEWS. It's fine to stay informed, especially about staying at home orders, safety orders, and the curfews---but for your own peace of mind just stay away from it. 

Do you remember being a little kid or a teenager and going about your day not caring or knowing what was happening around you? Well, I think we should all care but sometimes it's okay to be a kid again. 

Sometimes we need a break and that's okay. 

ALSO, you can get informed and get involved--which I also highly encouraged but this post is about how to continue to write. I'll leave the other to the experts. 

I hope this helps and if you need support from me, I'm always available on social media and via email 

XO Stephanie 

LIVE. LOVE. DREAM. CREATE---change the world!


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