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Happiness Tuesday Storytellers

creative for writers happiness happy story storytelling writers life writing Jan 21, 2020

Hello, dear writers, dreamers, artists-storytellers! 

I'm just popping in with a quick blog post today to say hello and talk briefly about the importance of happiness! 

It's so easy to get caught up in our lives and forget all about the simple things that make us smile. 

How many of you have woken up and then immediately remembered something that upsets you? Like, right when you step out of bed? All of you right? 

It's human nature. Is this your mantra? "Ugh, I have to go to work today." "Yuck, I hate kale and I know lunch will have kale" (or "I hate the place we are going to lunch today"), "I'm overweight." "I don't have time for anything." "Everyone drives like an idiot" etc., etc.,----this is normal but YOU can change your mindset. 

Because when we start the day on a negative note everything goes bad that can and will happen. You won't be as productive, you won't write your best work-or even decent work, your day job will suffer, you may argue with co-workers or your friends for no reason. It sets the tone for a negative day. 

Now, I'm not going to tell you to rewrite those sentences into something positive because let's face it if you hate kale, you hate kale and pretending you don't isn't going to change that. I mean, if you say, "I am super excited to eat kale because it's a superfood" that isn't going to make it taste any better. 

So, I'm asking you to try this. Focus on what's good. Even if it's something small, so if you wake up dreading that meeting at work, or audition, or travel, or about thinking of just one thing that makes you happy instead? 

For example, today I woke up and took my dog to a new daycare. I'm very stressed out about it as he is stressed out about it so I have anxiety that it won't work but I am very excited about my Sun Basket food delivery coming---very excited about that so I'm focused on that instead. 

I'm also excited today to work on my signature course so I'm focusing on that instead of all the things that could go wrong at doggie daycare. 

So, the reason I'm writing about this today is not that I'm a happiness expert or anything but for me, when I'm happy, I get WAY more done. I write more, I create more, I get more done in the flat, I get to the gym, I have better interactions with others, so in short--it makes my life better. 

I'm asking you today to write down THREE things that make you happy today--can be about your writing or anything in life. Excited to get that Starbucks? Okay, write that down. Excited to dig into chapter two or the final scene in your screenplay? Okay, write that down. Excited to spend time with your significant other tonight? Write it down. 

Or if you are more visual. Take a photo or something and place it where you can see it all day and you will feel happy when you look at it. 

It's okay to have negative thoughts, but let's work on not having them control you! 

Here are my three happy things today 

1. My Sun Basket delivery is today 

2. I get to spend time with my husband tonight

3. I'm working on my course today 

See? Now, it's your turn. 

Have a HAPPY day xo



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