Have A Great Holiday & Believe You Are Successful

Hello, amazing writers!! 

This week I'm skipping the blog because it's a shorter week here in the states and that means that I'm going to be busier than normal. 

I will be back NEXT week with more tips for being a successful badass writer!! 

Meanwhile, I have a BLACK FRIDAY special for my one-on-one coaching package that you won't want to miss out on. CLICK HERE to find out more and sign up.

You can use the package ALL year but you have to purchase it this weekend to get the special pricing. 

Now, I don't believe that all writers are broke and I hate the term "starving artist" that is a belief system that I don't subscribe to but I also know the realities of living a creative life and sometimes we simply don't have as much money as we want for all the things we need, but there is always a way to find success. I created this special because I know that I can help you like I've helped many other writers. 

I will cover ways to beat those limiting beliefs more in the new year for sure! 

For now, BELIEVE that you are successful. Change the mantra and change your life.

Thanks for reading and please join the FREE FACEBOOK GROUP for women writers HERE

HAVE AN AMAZING HOLIDAY if you are celebrating it. Please don't visit others who live outside your home, you can use this extra alone time not fighting with family but writing and honing your craft! It's like a win-win!! 

Also, I suggest watching some holiday favorites. 


PLANES, TRAINS, and AUTOMOBILES  & HOME ALONE for Thanksgiving films, and there are many others to enjoy! 


xo Stephanie



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