How to Stay Healthy As A Creative (who sits all day)

Happy Wednesday !! 

I hope your week is going spectacular! Due to Coronavirus, there are many new restrictions sweeping the globe and that means that once again we are spending more time at home. 

It's a great time to finish that novel or get that screenplay finally written but it can come at a price. 

Do you know what that is? 

Well, to put it frankly--it's becoming unhealthy and hurting our bodies by being less active. 

Even if you don't realize it, this past year has caused you to become less active. Walking around malls, and going to concerts, parties, dinners, are all things we do without even thinking about it, but those things keep us moving. Walking around a museum on a Saturday afternoon is still moving. 

Now, this whole year, for the most part, we are at home. 

Many of us also lost the gym, or our hiking or running friends as well. 

I personally am a gym rat! I LOVE being in a gym. I love group fitness classes and I love working out with weights, or on the machines. I thrive in a group atmosphere. It's who I am. The extrovert in me needs CONNECTION. 

When March 9th hit and all the gyms shut down, I thought, "it's okay, I can still run outside" but due to living in the city, it's not always a safe option. Where I live it's really hard to distance, and then summer hit and it's too hot (for me, I like to run in under 70 degrees) so... what did I do?

I bought an indoor bike. I also took longer walks when I could but I also put on 15 lbs without baking and eating extra comfort foods-like I know many did. 

That said, I've also noticed that I'm more stiff and sore than I used to be, and that is because I'm at this desk working or writing more. I'm on zoom instead of out with friends. I'm simply NOT moving as much. 

99% of my Facebook and social media friends are also writers & artists and I see post after post about how they are hurting so-----I'm creating something extra special for them--for YOU-that will be announced in the new year. Get on my VIP email list HERE 

In the meantime, I am giving you some tips on how to stay healthy as a writer during a stay-at-home order. 

1. MOVE YOUR BODY-Get up every couple of hours and walk around your home or flat. Just get moving

2. Drink EXTRA water-just plain water

3. Stretch your neck, shoulders, arms, & hands

4. Look away from the screen every few minutes so not to strain your eyes

5. Turn the lights on-Make sure you are working in a well-lit area

6. Do home workouts via streaming or DVDS--especially YOGA and Pilates but all are good **** make sure you are using the correct form, AND don't start any workout program without talking to your PCP. If you are someone who works out regularly then, you know what to do but be safe. A lot of workouts designed for home can be too advanced. 

7. WALK outside at least 30 minutes a day

8. Eat healthy meals and cut out sugary snacks

All of these things will help you stay healthy while spending extra time at the computer. I will continue to share more tips in upcoming blogs, and also, as I said, I have something SUPER SPECIAL just for women creatives who are working at their desks for long hours. GET ON MY EMAIL LIST HERE to be the first to find out more. 

Have a great day, rest of your week, and happy December. 

Next week, I'm going to give you some mindset tools to help you stay focused and happy during tough holidays so come back on Wednesday. 

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