If You Put Your Mind To It...


Hello Dear Writers! 

It's Wednesday and this week I'm focusing on mindset--in fact--I'm working on something pretty amazing for this spring to help you get into the mindset that IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING! 

But let's back up. 

When I was 16 I saw Back to the Future. It was in the middle of the night as I worked in the movie theater and we watched the films before Friday to make sure the reels were spliced together properly--this was long before digital and theaters still had projectionists. 

I went only because I was in love with this boy, Chris, with who I worked at the movie theater with. He was my everything and he wanted to go watch it so I went. I had no idea the impact it would have on my life. 

In fact, it CHANGED MY LIFE forever. 


Because as a creative we ALL have the thoughts that both Marty and his father shared---WHAT IF THE TELL ME I'M NO GOOD? 

This is normal and sadly is why so many people don't pursue their creative dreams. 

It's not just about money--though, that does have a huge part in it, mostly it's about FEAR. 

The fear of rejection that keeps us hiding. In the movie Marty's father writes all the time but he tells Marty in the scene above that he doesn't show his work to anyone because he doesn't think he can handle that level of rejection. 

What a shame! 

When Marty teaches him how to be confident through a series of mishaps with Biff it alters George's perception of himself and his life changes. 

When I was 16 I was an actress, I wasn't famous lie Drew Barrymore and hadn't done anything amazing but this was my dream and I was pretty afraid of rejection, all the time. In high school, I changed everything about WHO I was just so I could be popular and it all stemmed from my misbelief that I would be rejected. 

I saw that movie and it gave me confidence. I mean, it's so clear to the audience that both Marty & George need to change their mindset and when they do, things change. 

So, here is what I will say to you today. If you are a writer who hasn't reached fame and fortune or a writer who has but feels insecure I want you to know that you can do it. You can do anything you want. 

Now, I already hear some of you saying that you won't be able to make a billion dollars with your writing and yes, you have to also be realistic but you can do it. 

You may have to shift your expectations a bit, like, I can't fly personally but I can get on a plane and fly. You see? 

So, you want to be a writer. Okay, WRITE. Boom! You're a writer. 

Do you want to be a published writer? Okay, so you have two ways to do this. You can find an agent, (GET MY FREE GUIDE TO WRITING QUERY LETTERS HERE) and go the traditional way, or self-publish. Now you are published. 

You can do it. 

Many writers worry so much about being a good writer that they are stopped by their own fears. 

STOP THAT MANTRA and build a new one. 

I'm a writer

Keep saying that. 

Focus on story. 

You can do it. 

I want you to remember Marty and George and how changing their attitudes changed their world. 

You have this power too! 

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Thank you for reading this week's post. 

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xo Stephanie

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