Mindset for Money & Happiness for Writers & Creatives

Happy Wednesday Writers!! 

Last week I talked about being and staying healthy as writers who sit all day and as promised this week is all about changing your mindset to one of success & happiness. 

Mindset is so important for success and happiness that you hear about it all the time. It's everywhere and that's because experts in mindset coaching know its powerful abilities to change anything. 

Ever get up in the morning and stub your toe? The whole day goes downhill from there. You started off in a bad mood and thus the rest of the day sucks. 

Alternatively, ever get up to an amazing piece of news, or something just goes well first thing? Your entire day is a success and you are happy. 

This is because your MIND believes one of two things, the day is great or the day is sucky. 

It's true! 

There are many ways to start your days with the right mindset regardless of how you have woken up. 

Here are a few that I love! 

1. Writing gratitudes. I started having a gratitude journal back in 2015 when a friend of mine created one and sold it on Amazon. It literally changed everything. All I did was get up and write down three things that I was grateful for every morning. It took about ten seconds and boom! My day was made. 

2. Morning meditation. You can use an app. I like Calm, and Bellabeat. The Bellabeat app goes with the wellness tracker so it's a little higher end but it's fabulous! 

3. Set your day's intentions/goals first thing in the morning. You can write them down, share with friends, share on social media, or just focus on them. 

4. Work out/yoga in the am to start your day. I am a cardio queen and love my Zumba, I love Spinning, and anything cardio like running but I find that a morning 20-minute yoga routine really helps my day, but the others are great too! 

5. Eat a healthy breakfast. This can be anything from a protein shake to a couple of eggs, or vegan sausage and toast. Have something. Have some fruit or a breakfast bar. 

There are a couple of books that I LOVE for general happiness & mindset

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin 

and when I was in the New Hollywood we read The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor-you can find out more about his training here

I highly recommend both because they are awesome and will help you change your thoughts by creating healthy happy habits! 

You can do this however you want but I recommend that you start practicing being mindful of your thoughts. 

As creatives, rejection is part of the game. You can submit to 5000 jobs/auditions/queries/etc.. and get 4999 rejections and let it destroy you or you an celebrate the ONE yes for what it is! The truth is that in our business a lot of our success is determined by opinions. It doesn't mean that we aren't talented or worthy it just means that whatever we have created isn't for whomever we have submitted to. 

That can be soul-crushing! 

When I was a little kid and I went to stage acting auditions I didn't really care if I got in or not so when it was a no I never took it personally. Now, because I was a kid and I wasn't in film & TV most of the time I slid right in & that helped my confidence a lot, but as I got older the rejections started pouring in and it felt personal. 

Especially when it was about my looks or weight. I took it as an insult when really it was that I just wasn't right. Think about it. If you are a casting director looking for a 5-foot blonde who is petite because the woman you already cast as the mom looks like that and a tallish athletic brunette walks in, it won't matter how good of an actress she is, most likely you will reject her on her looks. That doesn't mean anything but she just isn't right. 

As a creative, this can hurt though so we NEED to change our mindset. 

I'll tell you a mindset story. When I was in New York in acting school as an adult we were all invited to audition for a show. Now, many of my schoolmates, who could sing better than I could,  didn't go to the audition because they were afraid of rejection, but I was just like, "it's a chance to sing on stage at this theatre, let's do it!" None of them went with me. I got a part in the show, first as swing and then as an understudy. On Broadway! Me! 

When I was 16 I watched Back to the Future and I watched both Marty & George tell themselves "what if they say I'm no good? I don't think I can handle that kind of rejection." and it held them back! 

When Marty teaches George to put his mind to it and he can accomplish anything it changes the course of all their futures. 

So, I want you to believe in yourself and change your mindset. 

The next time you send out a query letter be confident in it!! 

The next time you submit your writing be confident. You may get rejected but it's okay, it's just part of the business. 

When your mindset changes you will start seeing things change like money. When you believe you can make money as a creative you will. I didn't actually know it was supposed to be hard I just wanted to be happy so I have always done what I loved and believed I could do it. 

I also worked at Disney Feature Animation for years with no art school. How did I do that? CONFIDENCE & yes talent I got from my mom but still I believed I could do it so I did!!! 


Try some of the tips I mention above and let me know how it went. Okay? 


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Have an amazing week! Stay safe out there too. Shop online. Shop small business & use Zoom, FB, Skype or whatever to connect with your friends and family this year! Have an online holiday party!! 

XO Stephanie


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