New Membership for Women Writers

Happy Wednesday Dear Writers, 

today, I'm talking about something new that I am creating for all the women writers out there who want a special place to go talk about writing, career, characters, movies, books, share some wine or coffee, and hang-out with other female writers. 

A new membership just for US! 

In May I launched a membership for writers and it's really been great but we aren't connecting as I had hoped and I realized that it was the model of the membership which is focused on craft masterminds and not as much as the social aspect. 


I went back to the 10 years that I have been coaching writers and more than 90% have been women, and as a woman writer, it's important to me that WE HAVE A SAFE FUN SPACE to connect, share, support, and grow together-no matter what stage of our writing career we are in. 

I love men, some of my closest friends are men but I think for this we need our own Ya-Ya-Sisterhood so to speak. 

This is the official first announcement about the new membership that will launch in the fall of 2020----so just a couple months. 

AND if you get on my VIP email list YOU will have the first opportunity to sign up and get a very special exclusive signing up deal that will only be offered to those who are on my email list. 

The FEMALE WRITERS SOCIETY is going to be a fun, fabulous, and fantastic place to connect, learn, and enjoy ourselves a bit. 

If you are a man reading this--I am so happy that you are here and I am still working one-on-one with male writers and this isn't meant to say anything against you but I just wanted to create something for women. PLEASE share with women writers you know. 

FIND OUT MORE HERE and get on my email list!

This membership is for ALL women writers but will focus on writers in arts, entertainment, and media/publishing. I have been writing fiction in all mediums for more than 20 years so creative writing is the focus. 

We are going to have a craft masterclass with a PDF download to go with it every month. 

Wine nights on Zoom until it's safe to meet up in real life (and then we will still have them on Zoom or FB lives) 

Coffee chats. 

A book and movie club that we call all discuss. 

Writing prompts and inspiration. 

Guess speakers/interviews/blogs. 

Dance parties. 

The goal is to create something really special for women writers. If you don't have a critique group you may find it here, if you already have one-you can all join in on the fun. We will have manuscript swaps and the more members we have the more I can give back. 

I plan to have writing scholarships to writers who otherwise can't swing the cost of the membership or my signature courses. Contests and prizes. 

After we reach 500 members I will open the VIP option which will include a quarterly subscription box. 

I can't wait until this is up and running. Thank you for reading and I will be back next Wed with more craft talks on writing! 

xo Stephanie



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