Oops I Did It Again!

OOPS! (I did it again)

Hello, Writers! 

I wanted to chat with you today about the idea of writing fast as CampNaNoWriMo kicked off at the beginning of the month!

Many writing experts will tell you never to do this as it makes us bad writers?? You've heard that right? Well, I have the opposite opinion about it. For me writing fast means getting right to the story and not getting hung up on the words, the style, or anything except telling the story. 

So, I love it. I have joined CampNaNoWriMo--again. I always do the one in Nov and so I decided that as busy as I am in my online business for writers, I needed this push. 

I have some YouTube Videos on writing for NaNoWriMo Vlog style that you can watch by clicking HERE

Here are some tips for drafting a novel fast. 

1. Focus on story 

2. Don't outline just write

3. Go with your gut instincts 

4. Write every day no matter what. 

5. Don't worry about being a great writer, just focus on story

6. Move forward always instead of reading what you have written.

7. Write with friends and support each other

8. Don't edit, just draft! 


I mentioned focusing on story TWICE, but that is because at the end of the day people buy your work because of the story you are telling, not the beautiful prose, and there is nothing wrong with having gorgeous word choices, but if the story isn't there, none of that matters. 

That's why I love these fast and furious months. 

I hope you are joining me! 


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XO Stephanie





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