Skipping the News-How I'm Taking Care of Myself

covid19 selfcare writers Apr 02, 2020

Hello, everyone!! How are you??

Lately, I have been reading a lot of really scary news, like the worst-case scenarios and every single day it's more and more people dying, and while I have a level head, it's unsettling, to say the least. 

My new plan of self-care is to only watch the news once a week for the duration of this. I am staying in, my hubby and I are both healthy and we know what to do. So why do we need all the sensationalized news coming at us 24/7 and it is just that. Yes, there are many facts in there, but do we need to hear about every single death? Imagine if they did that with all the other deaths in the world? 

We'd all be mental by the end. 

A little story about my reality. 

In 1987 I was a senior in high-school in Arizona with my family, who on my 18th birthday told me that I had to move out---on my own--in friggen high school!! AND, I was due to go to college in the fall, and like most high school seniors I was focused on being popular and hanging with my friends and dealing with the crushing reality of adulthood looming around the corner with no way to stop it. 

I NEVER watched the news, ever! I still don't know what "black Monday" was and or that we were having financial difficulties as a country. I had no idea because I didn't watch the news. 

Maybe some may say it's not responsible but I'll tell you this, I was happy for the most part.  I never worried about having work-I worked full time since the day I turned 16-I never worried about anything. 

In 2008 I didn't know we were in a recession. I was in and out of work but that year I was working for a few studios, sometimes at home and sometimes in house (that's what it's called in animation when you go in to the studio). I also was writing for TV and submitting pilots and specs to studios, as well I had an agent and life was good. I wasn't worried about the economy because I was blissfully unaware that anything was going on. 

The only news I watched back then was about Obama because I knew that's where my vote would go and I volunteered for political events in CA. 

My point? I was happy.

Maybe it's childlike, or not something someone smart should do, and I'm not telling you not to watch it. I'm sharing how I will get through this. 

John Krasinski of the Office (and many other great things) has started a good new channel on YouTube and that will be where I tune in for now. You can check it out here. 


I hope you can find a way to practice self-care right now because if you don't this thing will take you down one way or another. 


Also, I want to let you know that I'm busy creating new content to HELP you get through this. I have a paid mini-course for writers who want to have their own online course called, Successful Writers, and I'd love for you to join others who are creating new ways to make money. If you simply can't afford it, I have a free training to get you started. You can find out more HERE

I'm also helping others with scholarships to get them what they need to succeed so if you feel like you need the financial help, send me a message. I'm here to HELP YOU. 

Thanks for reading this and I hope wherever you are in your life right now, you are okay. If not, please reach out to someone-even just to say hello. 



XO Stephanie


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