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Sometimes a Reset is Welcomed for Writers & Creatives

am writing disconnecting entrepreneur life female entrepreneur female writers writer writerslife Jan 13, 2021

Happy Wednesday Writers! 

How are you doing? I'm doing amazing and guess what? I have NO INTERNET THIS WEEK and it feels great. 

At first I was like, "omg, what will I do without internet?" and then, I decided to embrace it. I still have my smart phone after all! LOL 

This got me to thinking about how good it feels to disconnect sometimes. When I was traveling once a month to writing conferences I always loved the time up in the air away from all the noise of real life, thousands of emails coming in, social media (which I love but can also be emotionally draining), and life all around me. It's nearly impossible to not check emails or social media when on the computer. When I'm on a plane I never use the WiFi and I just relax---yup, even when it's bumpy!! 

These days we can't travel, or at least we shouldn't until this virus is under control so there is no way to escape except just doing it for ourselves. 

Let me tell you, it feels great. I have no idea what is going on. I still have my phone so it's not like I'm really disconnected but it's a lot closer to life in the 90s than usually. 

See, we are in the middle of a move from the city to the suburbs. I love the city but where we were specifically has become dangerous in terms of crime and also the virus. Many people didn't wear masks or distance and we lived in a high rise so we were always exposed. After a year of being stressed out about both of these things we decided to move to a quiet suburb north of Los Angeles. 

The internet isn't moving with us until the 16th so this week, the week between the 8th (when I got the keys!!) and the 16th I am in the new apartment unpacking, setting up my office, getting my pup used to the place and disconnecting from the world as much as possible. 

Last week I turned in a chapter for an anthology of female entrepreneurs that I'm in, which comes out in Feb and I finished all my work for my day job. 

This week? Aside from unpacking and setting things up? I'm writing old school in a notebook to figure out the revisions for my new romantic comedy novel. It feels amazing. 

This blog and my email newsletter are few of the rare exceptions where I jumped online at my old apartment to get them out to you, but wow this feels great! 

The benefits to disconnecting  have been amazing. 

I am not as stressed out. I am thinking more clearly about my writing, my purpose, and my business. It feels great to have so much alone time-which may sound weird during a pandemic but I mean time alone away from the noise of social media (again, which I love for the most part), and I have time to go for long walks and do some yoga and just chill! 

I highly recommend you take some time for yourself and you and your writing will thank me later! 

Until next week where I will be coming to you from the burbs!!! 

Happy writing! 

Follow me on social media because I'll be back soon and I'll check things. I'm also on TikTok being completely silly all the time @stepholivieribourbon 





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