Tale From An Online Entrepreneur and My PROMISE to You!

This is really hard for me to write but I pride myself on being authentic and that means the good and the bad. 
This is what happened! 
I asked an online marketer to NOT sell to me on FB, she makes MILLIONS btw, and she was selling to me via messenger which I don't do or like, so three times in two weeks I said, "please take me off this marketing list" and you know what she did?
She made a 20-minute video and posted it on her page saying that I hate women, that I am the scum of the earth and will never have a successful business, (which I already do) and she lied and said I treated someone like shit when literally all I did was ask to "please take me off this marketing list", then she went on to say that I think I'm better than waiters and treat them like shit too (NEVER I was a waiter for like 8 years), and she spent a good 40 minutes yesterday bitching me out via messenger. I of course apologized for hurting her feelings but it was so confusing.
It was right as I got up, I had NO IDEA what she was talking about. I immediately apologized because that's who I am. I am sure that I have hurt people's feelings but I NEVER MEAN to, EVER. So my reaction was to say "OMG I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to offend, I just don't like being marketed to on FB in messenger"
I even sent her many voice messages apologizing so she could hear that I was genuine. 
She claimed that I got 1 to 1 coaching from someone on her team and I DID NOT, but I did ask to be taken off a marketing FB messenger list.
Now, tell me, how is that treating someone like shit? Also, how does that make me SCUM? And or hating women?
I woke up today to her on her page making up lies about me, and not even telling the whole story, that I apologized immediately and explained that it's just not for me. 
She is LYING about what happened to rant on her page to get sympathy or something?? I'm not sure what is going on.
I'm not sure, LOTS of DRAMA there, clearly. I feel sorry for her as she isn't happy in her own life. I'm still in shock because I have hundreds of sales messages and I always reply "please take me off this list" that's standard in this context.
I'm so grateful that I didn't pay the $5000 USD fee for her coaching. If we weren't moving I would have.

Trust me if you EVER tell me that you don't want to be marketed to and ask to be taken off a list, BOOM, your wish is my command. I feel sorry for women who act like this.

The whole thing was psycho. Took me a long time to even know what she was talking about.
Whenever anyone markets/sells to me via FB I ask to be taken off that list. I'm happy to be on your email list but please do NOT sell to me via messenger.
IMHO, it's NOT professional but it's become the new thing to do, and sadly these people know that if you are on FB and they message you, it will keep popping up until you block them or leave FB---there is no way to turn that off.
Anyhow, that was my morning yesterday and today and I felt that I needed to blog about it and make the promise to ANYONE reading this that I will NEVER market to you via FB messenger. 

*Now, if we are connected and you ask me about a product on FB and ask me to send you a PM, then I will, and I do that too--but if you ever ask to be taken off a FB messenger list, I will do it IMMEDIATELY. I PROMISE 

Please don't market to me on FB, and if you do and I reply with "please take me off this marketing list" know that I'm not hating you or talking down to you, I just don't want to be sold via FB.
The whole thing rattled me. 
I feel like it's become a trend for online marketers who either make millions or claim to make millions to bully and intimidate women who are below them. 
Full transparency, I don't make millions. I have a solid 6-figure business but I don't make millions. 
Maybe that's why I never treat others like shit? Is there something that happens when you cross that million-dollar mark? 
The thing is, everyone should be treated the same, no matter how much money you have. Women should lift each other up at all times. 

That is my goal and promise to you. I will always lift you up. 

If you don't want to be on an email list of mine? No problem. If you don't want to be contacted via FB? No problem. 
As writers we are always wanting to promote our work when it's out there, and many writers also do the FB messaging. I would like to suggest that you don't use this method unless you get the okay to do it. It's intrusive, it's like texting people you don't know with a link to buy your book. It's also not authentic. 
This is just my advice. 
It can cause problems with someone who otherwise would buy your work and support you. 
Other ways you can promote yourself are: 
1. In FB groups that allow self-promotion/have days for this
2. Grow your email list 
3. Post on your own FB page and business page
4. Start a FB group and post there
5. Instagram & Pinterest 
6. Twitter
7. Organically through connections
8. Blogs 
9. YouTube
10. Speak at events/conferences/workshops/retreats 
I hope this is helpful to you and I hope that you never go through what I did today. 
XO Stephanie 

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