What Story Changed Your Life?


What story or stories changed your life in some way?
For me, there are a few.
THE OUTSIDERS taught me that I wasn't alone
LES MISERABLES taught me to be good even when others weren't
FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF taught me that I was taking things to seriously and needed to enjoy life more
BACK TO THE FUTURE taught me that I could do anything if I put my mind to it
TITANIC taught me that life is what you make of it and to make each moment count.
This is why I am a writer. These stories while mostly fiction and or historical fiction literally changed who I am as a person. 
Wouldn't it be great if you changed someone's life?
Your book made a difference or your film changed how someone lived their life? 
No pressure right?
I believe that we are changing the world as writers, even if you are writing comedy--what you do matters! 
This is why I created my signature course, STORY CONCIERGE, to help all writers stay on the path and even make money so they have time to get their stories out there into the world because they are needed. 
All stories are important and your voice is needed. 
I encourage everyone reading this to never give up. The truth is that writing is HARD, really HARD, and not everyone is going to like your work, and that's okay. 
But you need to keep going. :) 
And when you are ready, I'm here to help. 

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