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Writing Goals for the New Year-How To Make Them Realistic

am writing daily habits new year new year goals writing writing goals Jan 06, 2021

Hello Dear Writers! 

It's Wednesday of the new year. It's 2021 and a lot of things are changing this month, especially if you life in the USA. (and I am happy about that myself). 

The last year has been a hard one and many people found themselves in two camps, the ones getting tons of creative things done and the ones who stopped doing much since March hit. 

It is what it is and you can't change what happened last year so if you stopped working on your creative projects, that's okay, but this year, it's time to make some new habits so you can finish and reach your writing dreams sooner! 

Here are some tips for you on doing just that. 

1. Always write down your goals. Writing them down helps you flesh them out but also enforces a reality that may only be in your head. 

2. Post them up where you can see them. You can use a journal or what I do is hang them on the wall in front of my desk. 

3. Share with others. You can share in a social media group. I have one for female writers that is FREE for any female writer and you can join it HERE. You can share with your critique group and or you can have an accountability partner or pod to share with. 

4. Make them realistic. Many writers start out the new year and make goals that are either not attainable because they are in a different place. For example, if you don't have an agent, you probably aren't going to win an Emmy this year, so your first goal should be finding an agent. (I have a new query writing course if this is your goal that you can sign up for HERE). If your goal is to be on the bestseller list via the New York Times but you haven't finished your novel, the goal should be to finish your novel. 

As well, many writers start the year saying they will write an hour a day, if that isn't realistic for you, don't put that down. 

Intentions and goals are a bit different. 

To me setting the intention for the year is the big picture while goals are how I will reach those intentions. 

It might go something like this. 


Be less stressed out. 

Have more time with family. 

Write more. 

Have more financial freedom. 

Goals to make those happen. 

Do yoga, meditation, and take breaks. 

Set limits on work and create plans with my husband and family (when it's safe for visits). 

Create daily writing habits that I can stick to. 

Launch more courses. 

See what I mean? 

Now it's your turn. 

Take a few minutes, this should be like 5 minutes only and write down your intentions for 2021 and then the goals to get you there! 

XO Stephanie! 

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