You Can Write A Novel in A Month-or Less

Have you ever dreamed of writing a novel but believe that you don't have the time? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can do it!

I've been writing novels during NaNoWriMo since the early 2000s because um, it's amazing. It's like running a marathon in sprint time. 

Really the best thing I ever started doing for myself and I do it every year. I also usually do CampNaNo in the summer and it's taught me so much about myself as a writer and how to draft quickly which comes in handy if you do any work-for-hire or ghostwriting. 

Now, will you have a perfect ready to submit novel after 30 days? Not unless you are super lucky and if you are--OMG awesome!!! I wish that for everyone but what you will have is a FIRST DRAFT and or a revision. 

**I love to rewrite from scratch my novels at about the 4th revision and that way I leave out all the crap that doesn't move the story forward. 

Some people like to take their time and I once had a mentor tell me to slow down BUT the novel she was talking about was a FRIST draft and she thought it was my 7th---so I did something right. hahaha

I don't think that one should be sloppy in their writing and I do believe that revisions are always needed whether you write a novel in 30 days, 30 weeks, or 30 months--you will always need to revise so why not draft quickly? 

Here are some massive benefits to doing it this way. 

~You get a finished novel--many dream of writing a novel but never do

~You learn how to focus on storytelling and not the words or writing 

~You gain the confidence to make great storytelling decisions 

~It's fun!! 

What I have done is created a mini-course that you can do in 3 hours on a weekend or whenever that will get you the tools you need to get that draft out. 

I just thought of this recently because this is something that I am always asked about, and I took some polls in FB groups and with current clients and my email list and writers say this is what they struggle with the most. 

Let that sink it--writing the novel with all the other distractions in life and writing it fast and finishing is the biggest struggle--not the craft, or the query, or anything but just finishing. 

My new course FROM NOTHING TO NOVEL officially opens for enrollment on Oct 1, 2020 but you can check out the sales page by clicking HERE and sign up now because I'm offering everyone who registers (and stays for the course) a free gift in November from me to you as a thank you!! I'm seriously excited about this. 

I'll give you some free tips on how to get this done but in the course I will go much deeper and give you the tools to actually achieve it, so I encourage you to sign up now. 

TIP 1--choose a character to write about

TIP 1--choose a story--the what happens to that character 

TIP 3--make a commitment to writing every day 

TIP 4--get a writing buddy to go on this journey with you 

Okay, that's my blog for this week because I've been so busy getting this up and running that I'm a bit behind!! 

Happy writing and please follow me on social media! (links at the bottom of this website page) 

xo Stephanie!

You can also grab a free PDF eBook here to get you started!


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