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Always Do What You Love For A Living am writing career creative life do what you love happiness screenwriting tv writing writer writing Feb 21, 2021
Happy Sunday!
Usually I blog on Wednesdays but I decided to toss in a bonus blog this week because this has been on my mind a lot! 
Here's a little reminder if you are stuck in a rut!

DO WHAT YOU LOVE and accept nothing less for your life and career. 

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Change the "Starving Artist/Writer/Actress/Etc" Mantra-You Can Make Money As A Creative actor actress creative creative life making money writer Dec 23, 2020

Hello Writers! It's Wednesday and today I am writing about this notion that we creatives group up with. 

"I'm BROKE" we repeat it so much that it becomes our reality and everyone expects it to be true so there is no shame because we are "creatives" right? 

No, that is bullshit! 


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