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Happy Holidays & Storytelling in Holiday Flicks, why I love them!!

Hello dear Writers!! 

It's the day before the day before Christmas!! 

Wishing you a very happy holiday!

I love the holiday season and I love the shops, the music, the movies, the gift-giving & receiving, I love everything about it. 

I do miss snow though--here in SoCal we don't get snow and this east coast girl misses it! 

Today's blog is about storytelling in HOLIDAY FILMS. 

I love holiday films even the ones on TV such as Hallmark and Lifetime. 

The plots are usually predictable but they work and they bring me joy! 

Recently someone I have been connected to on FB has been posting the titles of ones she's watched and then listing all the reasons she hates them. That's fine, we all have our opinions. I hated the first Wonder Woman ---I could write a dissertation on why the storytelling is so bad but millions loved it. It's okay to not love everything but for me, the Hallmark channel & Lifetime holiday films are a great example of pretty...

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