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Getting Behind in Your Publishing Goals? It's Okay!! female writers fiction novel writing womens fiction writing writing novels writing tips Mar 10, 2021

Hello, Writers!! 

Happy Wednesday and first of all let me apologize for not getting my blog posted last week. 

Life happened and I got behind which has inspired me to write today about what that can do to your writing goals and how to reset and push past it!! 

So, you have a plan...

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New Membership for Women Writers female writers fiction novel writing screenwriting tv writing women writers womens fiction writers writers in entertainment Jul 29, 2020

Happy Wednesday Dear Writers, 

today, I'm talking about something new that I am creating for all the women writers out there who want a special place to go talk about writing, career, characters, movies, books, share some wine or coffee, and hang-out with other female writers. 

A new...

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