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Always Do What You Love For A Living am writing career creative life do what you love happiness screenwriting tv writing writer writing Feb 21, 2021
Happy Sunday!
Usually I blog on Wednesdays but I decided to toss in a bonus blog this week because this has been on my mind a lot! 
Here's a little reminder if you are stuck in a rut!

DO WHAT YOU LOVE and accept nothing less for your life and career. 

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Sometimes a Reset is Welcomed for Writers & Creatives am writing disconnecting entrepreneur life female entrepreneur female writers writer writerslife Jan 13, 2021

Happy Wednesday Writers! 

How are you doing? I'm doing amazing and guess what? I have NO INTERNET THIS WEEK and it feels great. 

At first I was like, "omg, what will I do without internet?" and then, I decided to embrace it. I still have my smart phone after all! LOL 

This got me...

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Change the "Starving Artist/Writer/Actress/Etc" Mantra-You Can Make Money As A Creative actor actress creative creative life making money writer Dec 23, 2020

Hello Writers! It's Wednesday and today I am writing about this notion that we creatives group up with. 

"I'm BROKE" we repeat it so much that it becomes our reality and everyone expects it to be true so there is no shame because we are "creatives" right? 

No, that is bullshit! 


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Tale From An Online Entrepreneur and My PROMISE to You! entrepreneuer female writers online marketing writer writing tips Nov 26, 2020
This is really hard for me to write but I pride myself on being authentic and that means the good and the bad. 
This is what happened! 
I asked an online marketer to NOT sell to me on FB, she makes MILLIONS...
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I'm Celebrating the Positives! entrepreneuer solopreneuer writer writers life writing community Apr 15, 2020

Despite the situation, I am finding things to celebrate.
1. Elizabeth Warren officially backs Joe Biden
2. My health insurance is offering FREE treatment for CV19 (as long as you are up to date on payments)
3. I still have a job, food in the flat, TP
4. My hubby & I are healthy
5. My dog is...

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Welcome to my new blog author screenwriting story storytelling writer writing Jan 15, 2020

Hello friends, as many of you know I have been blogging for a super long time, but I wanted to connect my blog with my course website to bring you lots of great articles and videos just for swinging by. 

Since this one is my first on this site, it's short because I want to make sure that...

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