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Hi, I'm Stephanie

and I'm a story coach!

I'd love to work with you one-on-one concierge coaching.
Due to a family emergency & the ongoing strikes in Hollywood this summer, coaching will start
up again in 2024
I only take a maximum of 4 writers per month, and sometimes that goes down to 2 depending on the packages writers choose so I can give the attention that you want and need.
Contact me  to get started & and get your application in

I can't wait to hear from you!

Let's Work Together

My PRIVATE 1:1 coaching and consulting services are for any female writer writing romantic comedies and sweet or contemporary romance, who feels stuck and needs help choosing the right path and action plan.
I offer CONCIERGE story/book coaching & which means that we get on a call, and I tailor it to YOUR needs because not every writer is the same. 
If you don't know where to start and are overwhelmed in your storytelling journey, I'm your gal.

 I have helped many writers across many genres and mediums figure out the best path for their individual goals. I'm super excited to work with you on your story! Whether you are writing your first spec script, pilot, novel, or screenplay, I can HELP YOU! 

I specialize in helping writers find their story, and what they want to say, and help them gain clarity in their genre so they can move forward to reach their storytelling goals.  
Below are just some of the things we will cover together in our sessions.

GET IN TOUCH to start your application and find out if we are a good match--


Tailored to your needs!

Currently, I have different levels to help you reach your goals.

SPACES are limited as I only take on a few writers each month, so act now!

Even if you aren't quite ready, that's okay, you can shoot me an email, and we can figure out a time frame that works for you to get started, and then I block out that time on my calendar, so the spot is YOURS!  

Don't worry. I HAVE YOU COVERED!

I don't block out the dates until payment is made.
All writers are chosen after we have a discovery call to see if I'm the right coach for you.


I believe that it's essential that we can communicate well and that I can help you. I've been doing this for over a decade, and sometimes it's not a proper fit, or I feel that I am not the best coach, so that's why I require an application and discovery call for all writers. No exceptions. to get started!

Story Concierge

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Work on your novel with me one-on-one. We can work on it from the beginning and develop it together by creating a story map using my WEDDING CAKE METHOD or I can help you with your revisions and or developmental editing. 



For female screenwriters, adapting your novel into a screenplay or starting from the beginning with a new idea. We will go over your premise and beat sheet, going over everything you need to finish a strong screenplay. 



Generally stuck on how to create a romantic comedy? Having story issues and getting feedback about your characters not being relatable or maybe you need someone to read over your manuscript and help you with the overall story arc & plotting? 

Packages for NOVELISTS

Some of my current one and done packages that you can book for faster results. 


These are some of the one and done services for those writing for or wanting to write for the screen


"Anyone looking to write a novel-- even pantsers like myself-- will find the pre-writing package a dream. Planning out key elements of the novel before writing makes me much more confident in the bones of my story. Stephanie was encouraging, helpful, and asked great questions that made me think deeper about my characters and what I'm trying to say. She's the cheerleader we all need when starting to write a novel. "


"After I finished my manuscript, I found myself at a loss for which agents to query or how to find them. Stephanie's help with identifying the right agents, as well as with crafting my query (especially the pitch!) and synopsis, was invaluable. Her direction and guidance helped me hone in on what to include for a clear, concise pitch, and distill the plot down to its main points for the synopsis. She is excellent at really breaking things down. She is truly an expert in the field. My writing has greatly benefited from her professionalism and know-how."


"I had a chance to have Stephanie look over both of my concepts and a few outlines for a sitcom spec that I'm writing. Stephanie's feedback was spot on. She was able to immediately hone in on and determine which concept ideas were viable and which were not.  She pointed out to me that the comedy premise should not just be an afterthought or something "tacked on" but should really stem from a "logical" and "organic" progression of the main character's motivations, which was not obvious to me at the time."   

What will you get working with me?

workwithme2 (1).png
Working one on one with a story coach is life-changing.

You will come out feeling confident about your writing, the direction you are heading in, how to navigate obstacles that come up in this journey and more!

Very often my writers and I become friends, although it's not a requirement or expectation, it tends to happen.
I love watching writers come into their own and really grow as story tellers. This isn't just a business to me, it's about making a personal connection to help you grow as a writer.

XO Stephanie

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