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Hi, I'm Stephanie

Welcome to my writing courses for female writers page. 

I'm moving over my courses to a new platform soon. If you are already enrolled, I will add you automatically.


Due to the ongoing strikes in Hollywood and a family situation, courses will be up in 2024. Please get on my VIP list HERE 

COURSES coming soon!

I have been leading courses for writers for more than 15 years--wow time flies when you are having fun! 

I am transferring everything over from another platform as we speak and will have my courses up this summer, 2023. 

What You Get

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Learn on your schedule. All of us who are writers know that we usually have other jobs, kids, pets, and a life around learning craft so I created my online content on demand so you can log in on your on schedule, whatever works for you! 



You can always email me if you have questions and I will do my best to help you out. 

My goal is for you to reach your writing dreams and I want you to feel comfortable in all my courses. 



I will never promise you something that I can't deliver, such as fame, money, and anything like that. 

Publishing and producing is hard to predict so I will always be honest with you in my courses and everything I put out. 

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