Updated May 2, 2020

Please read these policies regarding your purchase and use of the Story Concierge with Stephanie Bourbon (“Membership”). If you join the Facebook group that is offered with membership, you are also subject to the Community Guidelines. Additionally your use of the membership site and materials are also subject to our general Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
By joining this membership and accessing this website, you hereby agree to these policies. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected]

AUTO-RENEWAL: Membership purchases auto-renew monthly and annually, depending on how you purchased, on or close to the date of purchase (unless canceled during that time), and auto-renew monthly thereafter.

CANCELLATIONS: If you decide the Story Concierge membership is not for you, you can cancel anytime by going to your member dashboard and clicking on settings and Kajabi will walk you through it.

Cancelling your membership prevents your payment method from being charged in the future. 

Your access to membership will be for the remainder of the term (monthly or yearly)

Please do not initiate a cancellation request or dispute claim directly with your credit card company as your first step – we are here to help. We cannot initiate a cancellation requested through Facebook or any other social media.

REFUNDS: If you selected the annual membership payment plan, you have 14 days from purchase date to request a pro-rated refund by contacting us at [email protected]

For yearly memberships we will deduct your first month (at the monthly rate) from your refund + 10% of the total cost. Your access to the membership site and Facebook group will be rescinded 30 days after your purchase.

Refunds are not available for monthly subscriptions. Refunds are not available for annual subscriptions that have been active for more than 14 days.

Please do not initiate a refund request or dispute claim directly with your credit card company as your first step – we are here to help. We cannot initiate a refund requested through Facebook or any other social media.

DEFAULTS: If your payment method provided cannot be processed for any of the payments, you’ll be contacted. Your access to membership may be suspended immediately until your payments are current.

MAKING PHYSICAL OR DIGITAL COPIES, PRINTING, SHARING MATERIALS: You may print or make paper or digital copies for your own personal use only. Any other copying or distribution by any means is strictly prohibited by law. You may not upload content to third-party software. You may not share your login information with others. All membership materials are copyright protected and are the property of Judanie Bean Creative Consulting, LLC.

Please see Terms of Use for details.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATiON: We reserve the right at our discretion to deny access to or remove customers from membership at any time for any reason.

Story Concierge Membership Rules

MY GOALS FOR YOU:  SCM supports our members’ commitment to their writing careers, success path and reaching their goals. Religion & politics should be discussed elsewhere.

BE KIND & HELPFUL TO OTHERS: Keep it positive and supportive. 

POSTING ETIQUETTE (FB): Post content that’s meant for this group, not reposts. Info from other groups can be shared, as long as it isn’t promotional. And please don’t monopolize the community by overposting. Support others.

BE KIND, COURTEOUS AND RESPECTFUL: Don’t belittle, criticize, question people’s decisions or judge. Kindness is the rule.

NO HATE SPEECH OR BULLYING: These kinds of posts will be removed & membership revoked. We have no tolerance for racism, discrimination, bigotry, hate speech.

NO SELLING, SOLICITING OR PROMOTING: Please do not promote your writing courses, sell anything or ask for money for any reason. There will be a day (TBD) that you can share your good news in the FB group. 

WHAT’S SHARED HERE, STAYS HERE: Please do not distribute SCM content or other participant’s content outside the group, or upload to any third-party software. Respect the privacy of the community and our copyright.

RULE BREAKING WILL RESULT IN CONTENT / POST REMOVAL: All determinations regarding this group, its members, and these guidelines are at our sole discretion and are final. By joining, you indemnify us of all liability relating to this group and members.

YOU ARE SUBJECT THE STORY CONCIERGE MEMBERSHIP POLICIES ABOVE. These policies may change at any time without notice.

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