Everything You Need to Create An Online Course 

If you are a writer and have an idea for an online business, or already coach other writers, give talks, workshops, etc. you will learn how to maximize your genius online so you can share with others. 

You will learn the steps to creating an online profitable business. 

You'll learn who you are targeting-get specific-to your why for breaking out of the rut and starting your own business. 

Successful Writers Mini Course

$197 USD

Here's What You Get

  • Learn how to embrace the Entrepreneur mindset 
  • Learn  how simple building an online course can be
  • Discover the stages of a successful online coach
  • Define your why, your message and your "voice"
  • Plan your income goals  & learn how to reach them
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Get Clear on Who You Are Serving 

You will use tried and true methods to gain clarity on your ideal customer so you can market directly to her/him/them. You will understand why this is so important and how to use it in your message.

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Choose Your Specific Genius

You will understand why choosing ONE specific area and teaching that is the fastest and easiest way to get students pouring into your online class. 

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How To Put A Class Online

The nitty-gritty of how you actually do this. What platforms to use, how to market, how to build an email list and why it's important to have one and still be on social media.


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Become a Techie!

Okay, not really, but you will gain all the skills and tools you need to make this a reality. You will understand the different ways to be successful as an online coach. 

Have Lots of Money

Why is this girl so happy? She has an online course and the money is coming in all the time. She is working less and yet bringing in more! 

This can be YOU! This WILL be you!

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Yes I Want Lots of Money
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Feed the Piggy!

Online courses are a great and inexpensive way for you to continue to feed the piggy bank and have extra money, or make all your money this way and finally quit that day job you hate-or is just sucking all your creative energy out of you! 


OMG My Piggy is Hungry
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Stop depending on school visits, workshops, & conferences to bring in extra money. 

Stop spending hours traveling, planning travel, stuck in hotels, delayed at airports.

Start creating your own hours, terms, pay, and financial freedom.

Start working in the comfort of your own home without the stress of travel.


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