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The Two Things on Social Media All Writers Need to Do

Hello, Dear Writers!

This week I'm talking about what social media you MUST have if you are a writer. Okay, maybe not a must-have, or a should have but both of these could really help you grow your business as a writer.

I'm talking about REELS on Instagram and TikTok

Both of these are exploding right now and here is why.

People LOVE videos. It's that simple. People are obsessed today with watching quick videos and both REELS and TikTok offer that experience. You can totally showcase your novels, or what show you are writing on, and or your screenwriting in a short 15, 30, or 60-second video and gain followers.

Right now on TikTok, the hashtag #booktok is huge. Authors & readers are sharing books and thousands and thousands of people are discovering them. It's crazy how fast it's blowing up.

As well, writing coaches like me are on there too. I was using it to post stupid videos of my stuffed animals (like the Target bear) dancing around. But, now I'm getting serious and you can repurpose your videos straight from TikTok to Insta-stories or REELS. Personally, I like REELS because they don't go away.

You can find me here---please join me! I am posting videos about writing now including craft, favorite books, behind the scenes, things that happen, etc. If it's about writing, I will cover it!

TikTok is all about branding yourself AND showing a bit of who you really are. People today are craving authentic and real people and this is the place to show your true self. Or you can just showcase your book.

A couple of friends of mine, David and Nicola Yoon posted a TikTok video while back with them each holding up one of their books each--it was a HUGE hit and David got like 800K watches in one day just on that video.

Now, they are both best-sellers so of course when people saw they were on there, it caught on fast, but it's happening for even not-so-well-known writers and brand new writers. The beauty of it is that you don't have to be famous.

You can have a professional account-which is what I recommend because then you can have your website right on there for others to click on to find out more. Or you can have a creator account or a personal account. It's up to you.

Now, REELS on Instagram works in a similar way. The videos are short and fun. You use hashtags to get discovered and people can comment and share. It's pretty awesome. Since I'm just getting started with both as a daily routine, I'm using the same content in more than one way, which is awesome.

Are you making videos?

What are you waiting for?

I also recommend getting on Clubhouse, but it's totally different as it's all talking and no videos.

From Susan Shiney "Embracing your online presence is empowering and another way to express your creativity. We are storytellers, our talents can translate to all mediums...with practice."

Some ideas for what to cover on both apps?

1. Your workspace. One of my videos about my home office has like 5 times the views of other ones give mini-craft talks.

2. Sharing other authors' books that you love.

3. Talking about the craft of writing.

4. Your work in progress, updates, etc.

5. Your book covers.

Make it you, but it's okay to follow the trends, in fact, both platforms encourage it!

I hope that you will take the chance and try it because both of these will help you and your writing career!!

XO Happy Writing!

Join me! Let's Get SOCIAL

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