"The journey of getting a book published requires lots of support partners along the way. Working with Stephanie Bourbon on finalizing my query letter has been a great experience! Her positive encouragement paired with clear and concise feedback helps make the process so much easier! "

Jason T. Shapiro

More Testimonials

A few success stories!

TV & Film Writer Jackie Toth

"I was lost and didn't know why I kept getting no replies from agents and then I found Stephanie through a friend on Facebook. She helped me with my pilot and pointed me in the right direction that I needed to go. I recommend her services to all my writer friends" 

Screenwriter Brent Ford

"Stephanie helped me figure out why my story wasn't working and helped me sort out which classes to sign up for next." 

Picture Book Author Robin Martin

"I first met Stephanie when she volunteered to read through a work in progress. I valued her opinion, which was both truthful yet respectful.
It seemed fitting once I’d completed my next picture book to reach out to Stephanie once again.
Her insight has proved invaluable and judging by the interest shown by several publishers, worth the nominal fee."

TV Writer Patricia Vettori

"I was very impressed by Stephanie's ability to brainstorm development ideas on-the-spot. She really helped shape my current story, giving it new life. It's clear that Stephanie's many years in the industry have given her a solid understanding of the elements of story and comedy. 

Stephanie knows the industry, it really feels like she is also able to see troubles from the perspective of someone just starting out, without trying to demean the process. In essence, Stephanie is down-to-earth just enough to speak a beginner's language, but has the expertise of someone who has been in the industry for many years."

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