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I'm Stephanie

I'm a writer, then...there's everything else. 

And I do mean EVERYTHING!!! 

I'm a creative who has worked in the entertainment industry my entire life and, for the last three decades, have managed to stay dedicated to entertaining others and doing what I love. 

I've been an actress, a stand-up comedian, an improv performer, a script doctor, a story consultant, an animation artist, a storyboard artist, a script supervisor, a personal assistant, a reader for the studios, a writing & story coach, and a writer. 

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My Story

So, how long do you have? Do you want the Cliff's Notes or the War & Peace version? Somewhere in the middle is usually where it lands, so here goes. 

I started my career as an actress, then I went to an audition and ended up working as an artist at some of the biggest animation studios in the world as an artist. Warner Bros, Disney (many different branches of Disney), Sony, DreamWorks, and I even lived in Sydney, Milan, and Copenhagen to work on films. 

During that time, I started screenwriting and optioned my first feature film in 1997. I started writing for television about ten years after that, got a huge break, and was offered a staff position at one of the most popular shows on ABC, and then, the WGA strike hit.

Yes, I always say that my life is God's favorite sitcom. I am a good storyteller, but I couldn't make this stuff up. 

During the strike, I survived working in animation, picketing, and working on my craft. After the strike ended, I worked as a script reader at many studios around town and for companies that provided readers and coverage. I judged screenwriting contests and networked all over Hollywood. I took jobs as a personal assistant to actors, directors, stuntmen, and writers.

I wrote on and off for television in many areas for a few years; then, I decided to focus on novels. Did I not mention that I'm also a published author in many areas, including picture books, teen fiction (before it was called YA or MG) as a ghostwriter, short stories, and more? No? Like most creatives, I have many interests, and I published my first novel in 2003. 

I have also coached writers for film, television, and film for almost two decades, as well as had my own consulting business for writers, and taught at many screenwriting and novel writing conferences, festivals, and events. I LOVE helping others realize their goals. I became a certified book coach in 2021. 

I also went through a script supervising certification program. 

I can't imagine my life without working in the industry, as we call it out here. That's the entertainment industry. It's a beast by to quote Captain Lee (Below Deck), "I have the best damn job in the world." 

Now, I'm focusing on writing TV holiday movies and comedies. When I have news about that, I will share it on my blog, social media, and newsletter when I get it back up. 

Cheers to you, and thank you so much for reading!! 



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I'm the only non-introvert in the world and I'm super social!

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