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Happy Monday-Dec 12th

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

December is HALF over!

Wait! What?


OMG, so I signed up with some other writers to write a screenplay this month---easy-peasy, right?

Typically, but then, LIFE happened.

I have no excuse, but I do; we are moving in exactly two weeks.

The movers will be here to take our stuff down the 42 steps across the complex to our new, smaller, and, most importantly, CHEAPER apartment.

So....I've been THINKING about my new holiday screenplay and packing but not actually writing.


This is so not me!!

This is me!! I can whip out a decent screenplay in a week-yes, I'm one of those very annoying writers who can get it out quickly, but this month has flown by.

I promise I will get on it today after I do some drawings for my other job (I'm also an artist for those of you who just discovered me), and then pack and then sit down and write!!!

The story is so CLEAR in my head. Like, it's funny, heartwarming, small town, holiday cheers, hunky leading man, strong-independent-gorgeous-never gets in a bad mood-leading lady. I just need to sit down and do it!

For the first time in my life I have perfected the art of procrastination.

Tell me, do you do this too? Do you have times in your life where you want to write but don't?

This said NEXT YEAR I am not going to be in the Holiday Extravaganza by Story Summit, listening to others who wrote a movie--yes, that happened this year, while I sat there with the outline from last year's workshop. LOL

Also, TOMORROW starts the new encore live workshop from Story Summit, if you want to write holiday movies, this is a MUST. It's LIVE and so much fun, but you can also get the replays but I strongly recommend going live.

Use my name, STEPHANIE to get $30 off the cost!! That's like finding money!!!

HERE is the link, and again, put Stephanie in the coupon part to get your special enrollment!

Okay, Dear writers, have an amazing week. Let's get out and get our stories down so others can enjoy them too!

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