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The Truth About Why You Are Getting Rejected

Happy Monday, Writers!

Rejection sucks; doesn't it? And yet, we all go through it, but so many times I see writers posting on forums, in social media groups, or clients of mine, talking about how they have no idea WHY they are getting rejected, especially after putting in so much work.

This is tricky because there are many reasons that you are getting rejected.

Let's start with ones that are out of our control.

The agent just isn't looking for what you are writing.

The reader is having a bad day (yes this happens)

Oversight-they just missed your query (yes this also happens)

The agent already has a client with work too similar to yours

Etc. etc.... but here is the thing---you can overcome these by making your story great.

Agents want to find new writers and agents want to make money so if your story is amazing, like, so amazing they can't put it down, you will get signed regardless of those things.

Now, let's talk about the things in your control.

1. Your story isn't strong enough

2. Your query isn't strong enough

3. You sent the wrong type of manuscript to the wrong agent (a YA agent isn't going to sign your adult fantasy book)

4. You sent out your work too soon (this is the biggest thing that I see)

So what can you do??

You can revise with care!

Here is a YouTube video that you can watch HERE on ways to make your revisions work for you. I highly suggest you watch it because it will help you get to success faster.

NOW I'm going to share with you why revisions are so important.

Wouldn't it be great if agents could see what we wanted to say and just signed us anyhow??

YES, it would but those days are long gone and or the thing of fiction.

You know how so many TV shows have writers who just have an idea and somehow land the perfect agent and a book deal in less than a month? OMG, I wish it was that easy---well, not really because then everyone would be doing it.

So, to get an agent your story needs to be STRONG. You can't get there without revisions, this is true for screenwriting, novels, and television, and all storytelling.

The first draft is like the ingredients that go into a cake. Get the best you can buy but then you have to build that cake. You have to bake it, then you have to make the frosting and then you have to decorate it and let it cool etc..

This is the same for writing a story of any kind.

You need to spend time being thoughtful about it and really digging deep. As I said, most writers send out way too fast and that's why their stuff isn't being read by readers or agents and why even if they mastered the query and the premise is so amazing that the full request is turned down. It just wasn't ready.

Take the time you need to revise and you can thank me later!!!

Happy writing and revising!

XO Stephanie

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