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Writing Romantic Comedies-New Name

I decided to start a new blog and then I realized that I could just change this one, so from now on this blog is dedicated to all things romantic comedies including, tips, tricks, etc, on writing them, my writing life as a rom-com writer, and reviews of old and new movies, books, and shows.

So, let's talk about 2023?

Has it kicked you in the lady parts yet? It has me, wicked!

Let's review.

Here's how I wanted the year to go.. hahaha.. that's god laughing at me.

  1. Submit at least two screenplays to Hallmark or other channels like it in January

  2. Have four novels written and edited and published the first one at least in April

Well, that's a lot, it's April, and neither happened.

But I am getting back on track.

What happened?

LIFE! That's what but not to worry, it happens and I'm writing this to tell you that it's okay, AND

most importantly not to believe everything you see on social media!

Even from ME!!

And I'm super real on there but it is like always being at a job interview so you have to put your best self forward, all the time.

Come back every Wed for a new post!!

XO Stephanie

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