I'm a writer, then...there's everything else! 

I currently live in Los Angeles & I love all the things others hate, but will always complain about the weather! I'm an east coast girl at heart but have made my life here in the entertainment industry.


I have one dog, one Westie (terriers are in a class of their own) & a husband, drink heaps of coffee, write comedy novels, TV shows, and screenplays. As well, work as a story coach & offer courses for emerging female writers (click on the links above & below to find out more).

I'm an optimist by nature and believe that life is a gift that I don't intend on wasting--okay, so maybe I took that from Jack Dawson, but you get the point!! 

My motto? That which does not kill me makes me funnier

YAY! Thanks for writing! XO, Stephanie

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