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The Importance of Writing Goals

Good Morning Writers!

This week, I'm behind in everything but the one thing that has kept me on track is that I have a GOAL LIST and I wrote things down every day.

Do you do this??

Here is a blog I wrote almost two summers ago about goals and why they are important! I hope you like it!

What is my goal? To be cooler and enjoy cooler days? Sadly, we are in summer so I can’t do anything about the weather, but I can have the goal to make the best out of it. Go to an air-conditioned coffee shop once a day, to hit the gym, go to a mall–anything to reach the goal of being cooler.

The point is that I can take small steps to reach that goal of cooling off.

So if your goal is to be Quentin Tarantino and have 9 films out? or 10–I think he once said that his goal is to do 10 and then stop. If this is your goal but you don’t have a screenplay finished, an agent, and don’t live in Los Angeles then you have to start making those goals smaller. Keep the big dream there, but make smaller more reachable goals.

  1. You need to move to Los Angeles–or want to–you should for anything in the film industry–but that’s another kettle of fish. You want to move here, so your goal could be saving money every week into a special bank account just for your big move.

  2. Do you want an agent? Your goal could be to research one agent every week while you are building a submission list. Or finding out which screenwriting conferences have agent guests and pitch sessions.

  3. Do you want to have 9+ films made and on the big screen? Well, your immediate goal is to finish the one in front of you, and how you do that is to write every day. Even if just 10 minutes.

See how this works?

Dreams and goals are different.

Dreams are what we aspire to and goals are how we get there.

If you are a novelist and you want a bestselling novel with a movie deal–you need to make daily goals to reach that. What are you doing today to make that happen?

Some things you can do.

  1. Write every day.

  2. Share your work with your crit group.

  3. Submit to agents.

So your weekly goal can be, write for 1 hour a day, share 5 pages with my critique group, and research or send queries (only on finished polished work) to agents.

It’s important to have these goals to keep us grounded in our bigger dreams!

I know that you can do it.

One way that I have found useful for the last 12 years is having someone to keep me accountable. Some programs call it an accountability buddy, someone you check in with daily. And some just do it in groups. However, you choose to do it, just find someone to check in with.

Drop in the comments below on how you are going to work on your goals this week?

I’ll tell you mine are to write for 30 minutes a day this week. I have a crazy busy workload and have massive videos to shoot so realistically more than 30 minutes isn’t going to happen, but I will put in 30 minutes.

Tell me your plan!!

And let’s have an amazing rest of the week!!

XO~ Stephanie

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