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Day 4 NaNoWriMo! I'll be done....

Looks like I may hit 50K on November 13th--but like a marathon, sometimes when you start fast, you fizzle faster, but I'm hoping that I can do it!

In September, I completed a short rom-com in just three days, so I know that I can draft fast.

In 2009 when I did NaNoWriMo, I was also writing a TV script for a fellowship and working about 60 hours a week in animation, so I only wrote my novel on the weekends, and somehow, I did it.

The point? I can draft fast.

This isn't bragging, because maybe it's sloppy and horrible, and terrible and all the things, but it's YEARS of practice. As of today, just during the NaNos that are counted (because I used a different profile a couple of times and then lost the password LOL), I have written over a million words during NaNo,

and more around that, if you count the seven years, I was writing YA and submitting books as well before that being a ghostwriter on a series.

To be able to do something fast, you have to practice and keep doing it.

So...if you are someone who isn't even at 3000 words yet on day 4, that's fine. You do you; some people spend a year outlining, and then they write. Some people draft in two years and then revise for ten more. We are all different!

I'm just sharing my NaNo to help me stay motivated because I am tired but loving this book so far!! Let's hope that I can keep the humor going and the romance!

Tell me how you are doing and what you are writing.

You can find me on social as stephobourbon on Instagram and Facebook as well as my second Instagram profile stephbourbonauthor

and my free FB group for female writers, the Female Writers Society


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